MJC Condemns terror attacks on Muslims and Islamic Establishments

30 January 2017
Since the Executive Order on Immigration was signed off by President Donald Trump which effectively led to ban on Muslims from seven countries to enter America, irrespective if they are permanent residents in USA, students or tourists.


The implementation of the Executive Order has sparked off a wave of protests by the General populace of American citizens in support of affected persons.

The Executive Order has also , as suggested, motivated Islamophobes to burn down the Texan Islamic Centre of Victoria on Saturday.

On Sunday, the world was shocked by the deadly shooting of 6 Muslims and 8 Muslims injured at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre in Canada. The MJC (SA) condemns these Islamophobic terrorist attack.

These events seems to have been inspired by an unapologetic President who has not issued any condemnation against these Islamophobic hate crimes of terrorists.

The Muslim Judicial Council holds President Trump responsible for the latest wave of Islamophobic terrorism. And calls upon him to revoke his Executive Order with immediate effect for sake of Peace and stability in the world. MJC (SA) stand in support with the American nation and the rest of the world in rejection of this Islamophobic Executive Order

(Moulana) Shu-aib Appleby

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