MJC Historical Qiyamul Layl Program, Ramadhan 2017

Darul Islam Masjid was the venue, Ramadhan was the month, the 27th night of Ramadhan was the occasion and the recitation of the entire Quran in salaah was the activity arranged by the Muslim Judicial Council(SA).

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) was pleased to announce its intention to have a night prayer program (Qiyaamul Layl) in which the entire Quran was to be recited. MJC president, Sh. Irafaan Abrahams in consultation with Surrey Estate youth leader, Br. Arshad Samodien as well as well-known Qari and reciter Sh. Ismail Londt decided to have the historic program and to dedicate it to the entire community as well as all the deceased who contributed to the development of Islam.


The program commenced 20:28 with every detail of the various reciters and their recitations carefully documented by the MJC president himself. History records a similar program conducted by Hafith Taahir Abdul Maliek Hamza where he recited the entire Quran in two Raka-aats in the year 1927. The program was conducted at the South Coast Masjid in Durban.


The program was conducted by the following reciters:

Juz 1-4: Sha. Abdul Kareem Davids

Juz 5-8: Hafith Ismaeel Abrahams

Juz 9-12: Hafith Dr. Ijaaz Mukaddam

Juz 13- 16: Hafith Abbas Moerat

Juz 17-19: Hafith Muhammad Allie

Juz 20-22: Ml. Gamza Forbes

Juz 23-25: Hafith Taariq Peck

Juz 26-28: Ml. Saalim Peck

Juz 28-30: Qari. Sh. Ismail Londt

The Muslim Judicial Council thanks all those who participated in the historic event and prays that the Almighty accept all our efforts. Ameen