MJC investigates possible violations of Halaal standards at PnP Tokai

The Muslim Judicial Council’s Halaal Trust (MJCHT) accepts the apology of Pick ‘n Pay Tokai after investigating possible violations of Halaal Standards at its store.

Pictures of pork being stored with halaal poultry in the freezer of the store went viral last night and included a voice note of an electrician who allegedly took the images.  

“In an emergency meeting this morning with the MJCHT, PnP Management explained to us that a new employee who is non-muslim moved the poultry and yoghurt out of the freezer reserved for Halaal products to the general freezer at the insistence of the electrician, so that he could do maintenance work,” said MJC’s Secretary-General, Shaykh Isgaak Taliep.

Photo Caption: Representatives of Pick ‘n Pay met with the MJC Halaal Trust on Friday morning to apologise for an incident that saw halaal meat moved from the Halaal freezer to the non-halaal freezer. From left Jarred Van Vuuren (General Manager PnP Western Cape); and Dawood Abrahams (Co-ordinator for Fresh Foods PnP Western Cape); Shaykh Isgaak Taliep (MJC Secretary-General); Moulana Fahiem Simons (Area Halaal Inspector for the MJCHT); and Ganief Nordien, MJCHT Administrator.

Present in the meeting on Friday morning was Jarred Van Vuuren, General Manager PnP Western Cape and Dawood Abrahams, Co-ordinator for Fresh Foods Western Cape.

“Although poultry (and other Halaal meat products) come pre-packed to the store and therefore cannot be contaminated, we asked PnP Tokai to remove the products from its premises with immediate effect. We can confirm Pick n Pay Management acted swiftly by securing and wrapping the Halaal products in the non-Halaal cold storage and removed it from its premises and wrote it off as a financial loss,” Shaykh Taliep continued.

Photo Caption: Halaal Products that were moved to the non-halaal freezer were wrapped up and removed from the premises.

To ensure that these types of mistakes do not happen again, PnP has assured the MJCHT that all staff will be re-educated on how to handle Halaal Products. New employees will also receive the necessary training.

Read PnP’s apology to the Muslim Community by clicking here

Issued by

Shaykh Isgaak Taliep