Our Mission

Giving full credence to its vision of making the Muslim Judicial Council SA as “A Home for All ‘Ulama” (Bay-tul-‘Ulama).

The vision of the Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is:

To preserve and promote Islam as a practical, divine way of life, resulting in holistic approaches to all challenges and in all spheres of human activity.

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is a “Home for All ‘Ulama” (Bay-tul-‘Ulama).

Strives to mobilize the potential material and human resources available to realize the ultimate religious and spiritual development of humankind.

Strives to establish and create the necessary infrastructure and sub-structures within an Islamic Ethos to realize its aims and objectives, as set out in its Constitution and contained in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Strives to protect and preserve the Din (Way of Life) of Islam in all its dimensions.

Strives to protect the Muslim identity and safeguard Muslims from religious, cultural, political and socio-economic exploitation, abuse, oppression and misrepresentation.

Strives to contribute positively in caring for and being concerned about the minority status of Muslims in this part of the world.

Strives to continuously protect and promote the pristine Islamic values and standards, especially the values and standards pertaining to marriage, families, children, women, the youth, the aged and the poor.

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