The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has awarded the Muslim Judicial Council’s Halaal Trust (MJCHT) with international accreditation as a Foreign Halaal Certification body.

JAKIM is the Malaysian government’s highest Islamic affairs body and provides Halaal certification to international Halaal organizations which is valid for 2 years. The audit was conducted in September this year.

“Praise be to God, this remarkable achievement has instilled further confidence in the internal operations and service excellence rendered by the MJCHT,” said MJCHT Director, Shaykh Achmat Sedick.

The approval for an international accreditation implies that the MJCHT met the stringent auditing criteria of Jakim.

“It is also indicative of the high levels of competency and Halaal compliance of the MJCHT. Such an achievement is in accordance with international Best Practices and Standards, especially with the reputable status of JAKIM, Malaysia,” Shaykh Sedick concluded.

Debunking myths related to ‘Halaal’

A recent article entitled “Christians war on Halaal” – published 01 April 2018 – made certain claims pertaining to the Halaal certification Industry in South Africa and gross misconceptions on Islam. The following article is meant to debunk these misconceptions and educate the non-Muslim community on the role of Halaal certification on the economic development […]