Department of Qur’anic Affairs

The Department of Qur’anic Affairs [DQA] functions under the auspices of the Muslim Judicial Council (SA), MJC.

It is the official organ of the MJC which deals with all matters related to the Noble Quran inclusive of its correct recitation, memorization and study.

A strategic visit to South Africa by Dr. Abdullah Ali Basfar, Secretary General of the Holy Quran International Memorization Org, and a subsequent meeting between MJC Presidents Sh. Ebrahim Gabriels and Ml. Ihsaan Hendricks resulted in the establishment of this department.

Cape Town, as a city, and the Cape Townian Muslims, as a people, possess a long and deeply entrenched relationship with the Quran. The preservation of this legacy is would be the core function of this Department.

The pressing need to lift the bar for the various levels of proficiency in the fields of Qur’anic recitation, memorization and instruction.

Via a number of competitions open to national competitors, the Department was able to evaluate levels of general proficiency in the recitation and memorization of the Quran and determine the actual need that its various projects would have to fulfil.

These competitions aim to motivate youth to excel in the sciences of Quran and produce determined individuals who annually participate with the aim of further development.

To perpetuate  the efforts of our pious predecessors in the spread of Islam and the preservation of the Quran via its recitation, memorization and study.

The creation of a new generation that possess a greater devotion to the Quran and is better equipped to preserve it in the trying times that lie ahead.

Recording the details of all centres of learning and educational institutes devoted to the memorization of the Quran in Cape Town. This data would then be employed to ascertain the specific needs of these various institutes and to promote harmony between them with the eventual aim of creating a unified system of instruction and examination.

Encouraging the various institutes devoted to the memorization of the Quran to attend conferences held by DQA that promote the above proposed unification.

To ensure continuous communication between DQA and other international bodies devoted to the Quran especially The International Body for the Memorization of the Quran that functions under the auspices of Rabitah al-‘Alam al-Islami.

In this manner the DQA may take guidance from these sister institutes and ensure its efforts are in accordance with authentic practices and on an acceptable level internationally. This communication would also allow it exposure to new methodologies in the fields of Quranic memorization and instruction

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Shaykh Abdullah Awaldien (HOD)


Shaykh Zaid Dantie


Shamilah Stegmann



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