Social Development

All praises are due to Allah Ta’aala and greetings and Salutations on the beloved of Allah Ta’aala, Nabi Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ.

Eternal gratitude is due to Allah Ta’aala who has given us the opportunity to be in the service of Islam and that of the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad ﷺ. This report will highlight the services rendered to our community by the MJC Social Development Department.


The MJC Social Development Department primarily provides counselling to couples undergoing marital problems, this with the aim of reconciling and strengthening the marriage. We also facilitate Talaaqs and adjudicate on applications for the annulment of marriages (fasakhs). The MJC Social Development Department strives for uniformity in the counselling process and to this end has initiated the roll out of its administrative process to all A`immah and Mashaa`ikh.

The MJC Social Development Department also offers individual counselling, Family counselling as well as counselling for minors.

Other services offered are: Declaration of Faith forms needed for the reverts name to be changed at the offices of Home Affairs and marriage certificates. However, marriage certificates are only if the presiding officer (Imam who performed nikah) is deceased or out of the country. Both husband and wife is requested to sign an affidavit at the office of the MJC for the certificate to be released.


To advise and guide in accordance with the injunctions of Allah Ta’aala and the lifestyle of Nabi Muhammad SAW.

To create the awareness of Allah Ta’aala regarding every facet of our lives, especially Nikah.

To encourage the obedience of Allah Ta’aala in our everyday lives.


The MJC Social Development Department is composed of the Head of Department, Secretary/Receptionist, three full time and four part time Counsellors.


Head of Department

Sh Mogamad Fadihl Emandien

Secretary / Receptionist

Sr Zareena Colbie

Full Time Counsellors

Ml Yazied Gamieldien

Sr Ruweida Allie

Mln. Mubeen Alexander

Part Time Counsellors

Senior Counsellor (twice weekly)

Im Abdul Moutie Saban

Part Time Counsellor (once a week, Monday)

Sr Shima Dalvie

Part Time Counsellor (once a week, Tuesday)

Sr Sharmilah Israel

Part Time Counsellor (once a week, Wednesday)

Sr Zubaidah Ahmed

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday from 8AM – 3:30PM

Fridays from 8AM-11:30AM.

We are closed public holidays and for the two eids. Our offices operates throughout the year and closes mid-December and re-opens mid-January.

The MJC SDD works on an appointment basis. An appointment may be scheduled with the secretary of the department, Sr Zareena Colbie on the number 021-6844605 during the office hours.

All queries may be e-mailed to and will be answered timeously.

Requirements for an Appointment

Once the appointment had be scheduled, the client is advised to bring along with them the original ID document and a valid marriage certificate.

Very important, the client will also need to provide the MJC SDD with all details of themselves and their spouse. These details will include the ID number of the spouse (this is generally on the marriage certificate) or at least the date of birth, physical address and contact number.

Included should be an address and contact detail of their spouses next of kin.


After completing the intake form, the client will now be seen by one of our counsellors who will initially assist the client with the application. Thereafter, the counsellor will proceed with a process of arbitration and mediation.

If the client had made an application for a Talaq or Fasakh, the counsellors duty will be to contact the spouse of the applicant in order to inform the spouse of the application as well as allow the spouse to respond to the allegations made by the applicant.

If the defendant responds to our call-in letters, the couple will have a joint session with the counsellor to ascertain the best way forward. However, if the spouse of the applicant does not respond and the MJC SDD had exhausted all avenues of trying to get hold of the spouse, the case will then be forwarded to either the Shari`ah court of the MJC, situated on the premises of the MJC, on the application of the Fasakh or Talaq court on the application of a Talaq.

The Shari`ah court is generally held on a Thursday and Talaq court on a Tuesday.

N.B! The Shari`ah court of the MJC is adjudicated by the Fatwa Department of the MJC.

Contact our department

For all enquiries and concerns related to Social Development – please send us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

JazakAllah Khair

Contact Person

Shaykh Fadiel Emandien

Tel: 021 684 4605


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