23 JULY 2016 The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) hereby congratulates the citizens of Turkey who bravely and uncompromisingly defended their Constitution and their democratically elected President, RajipTayyib Erdogan.  The democratic rights of the Turkish nation and the unity of its citizens can only be upheld through a democratic process and not via a military coup. […]


11 July 2016 PRESS RELEASE The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) condemns the Syrian Regime, led by Bashar al Assad for targeting civilians at a Darkush Market on 8 July 2016 near the South African Gift of the Givers’ Al Rahma Hospital which is situated close to the Turkish Border. In this unconscionable attack more than […]

Like the Full Moon: Ml Riad Saloojee

“Like the full moon.” So said countless companions describing the Beloved ﷺ. For under the harsh and relentless gaze of the desert Arabian sun, the moon is a welcome and glorious relief. It gifts a majestic, luminous light that guides us through the darknesses of our nights while captivating us with the face of its […]

Shawwaal Moonsighting

A practice spanning over 6 decades. The Crescent Observers Society gathers at the chambers of the MJC in preparation for the sighting of the Shawwaal crescent. The new moon will be born on Monday 4 July whilst the Crescent Observers Society will go out to sight the moon from their various vantage points on Tuesday 5 […]