Mizz Nina returns to Islam, visits South Africa

Mizz Nina visits Cape Town  - Mizz Nina visits Cape Town - Mizz Nina returns to Islam, visits South Africa

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJCSA) was honoured to host Shazrina Binti Azman (Mizz Nina) and the honourable Mufti Menk who accompanied Mizz Nina on her trip to South Africa.  Shazrina aka Mizz Nina was a famous Malaysian hip hop song writer and singer who rose to fame with her solo album, “What you waiting for” in 2010.


Her international career peaked as she won the 2010 Flava Awards and Hip Hop R & B Awards. Shazrina reached a turning point in her life when her brother died and she started reflecting upon Islam and her true role as a Muslimah. As she transformed and made a major life style change, she realized that the youth need guidance.

Visit to Cape Town

This visit was therefore realized after she considered which country has a vibrant and thriving community which she could share her life story with. She chose Cape Town and along with her entourage and accompanied by Mufti Menk were welcomed by the President of the MJC, Maulana Ihsaan Hendricks, the 1st Deputy Shaykh Riad Fataar, Executive and members of the MJC Youth groups on the 11 August 2015.

In Cape Town she realized that as much as she would be sharing her story, the reputation of the Muslim community in South Africa would enrich her with its proud history and legacy of a fully functioning minority Muslim community that has managed to hold on to its Islamic identity for 300 years.

Back to Islam

She spent her time in Cape Town talking to the youth about the importance of their role as Muslims and the negative effects of obsessions for pop idols which is prevalent in the pop culture and the importance of living Islam during every aspect of their lives. She shared a phase of her life that brought very little contentment and fulfilment and explained how she was guided back to Islam by life events. Her intention is to help young people find the true way of life before they have to carry the burden of a path that leads to misery, regret, helplessness and suffering.

She said that after performing her hajj she realized that there is only one way to live a meaningful life and that is to put Allah subhanahu ta ala and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alihi wa salaam first. After completing her hajj she announced that she would only perform for female audience.

She said that she has now found peace after spending her youth chasing fame, glory and the superficial success of the music industry.

Her decision to be a true Muslimah and to leave the music industry took place at a time when she was at the peak of her career which started in July 2010, when she released her first solo album, What You Waiting For.

The joy that she feels now, is priceless, she said. Alhamdulillah.