MJC Condemns Paris Attacks

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It is with shock and sadness that we witness the horrific shootings and suicide bombings which resulted in the death of 118 patrons and the wounding of several at the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris.

The Muslim Judicial Council  (SA) conveys it’s heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the French people, the President Francois Hollande and to all those who lost their loved ones during violent attacks which took place in the French capital on Friday, 14 November.

We condemn these senseless, violent and callous acts of aggression against innocent civilians. Unscrupulous barbaric acts of vengeance has no place in society.  All efforts towards bringing lasting peace and good relations should be persude in order to ensure that revenge and tit for tat attacks do not become the order of the day.

We hope and pray that the perpetrators will be held fully accountable for this heinous crime and that they will realise that violence does not lead to peace. Peace cannot be achieved through unjust, violent, indiscriminate killings but rather through justice, fairness, respect, tolerance and good relations.


Maulana Ihsaan Hendricks


14 November 2015