- 37183658   14 01 2016   indonesia jakarta attacks - MJC CONDOLENCES TO THE PEOPLE OF JAKARTA, INDONESIA

13 January 2016
The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) expresses its deep concern and sincere condolences to the people of Indonesia who have been a victim of yet another random act of terror which has now struck the people of central Jakarta, Indonesia on the 12 January 2016 and resulted in the death of 7 people. Our condolences to the families of the victims, the people of Indonesia and their President,Joko “Jokowi” Widodo who have been shaken by this criminal act.
We pray that good will prevail and that peace will be restored to the bereaved nation. God willing.
Violent acts of barbarity is foreign in Indonesia which is a nation known for its peaceful character and harmonious traditions and culture.  At this tragic and traumatic time we convey our support and pray that God puts patience into the hearts of all those who lost their loved ones during this awful and inhumane tragedy that has befallen Indonesia.
May the sinister groups advocating for mayhem and chaos globally and now in Indonesia be exposed for the evil and harm that they do to humanity. The bombings do not serve the humanity nor can they ever be seen as an action that would bring about peace and stability.
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