MJC Condemns Penny Sparrow’s Racism

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7 January 2016
MJC Condemns Penny Sparrow’s racism
The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is disheartened by and denounces the shocking racist and hatefilled remarks made by Penny Sparrow on her facebook page which denigrates and insults the indigenous people of this land. We condemn her statements in the strongest sense, as it has no place in our new democratic dispensation.  We cannot and must never allow our nation to retrogress towards expressions and views which are intolerant, racist, xenophobic and hate-filled, as they hold the potential to divide and destroy the progress made to free this land and its people from a very tragic history.  
Her insulting and offensiveexpression has drawn the shock and ire of thousands of citizens of this land who understand and value our rich culture with all its diversity and nationalities.
We recommend that Sparrow be charged with hatespeech and that she be sent for rehabilitation in order for her to be exposed to cultural diversity and the importance of respect and appreciation for the vibrant nationalities, cultures, religions and ethnicities that live on this land.
The level of hatred, extremism and intolerance expressed by Sparrow is highly concerning as it reflects anunderlying racism that continues to exist amongst certain sectors of our community.  Our community has lived through and survived the tragedy and effects of destructive hatred, oppression and prejudice.
We therefore cannot allow this case to go without the necessary charges in order to demonstrate that in South Africa racism will not be tolerated.
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Muslim Judicial Council
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