Baseless US warnings unduly affects SA muslims

- project chaplaincom - Baseless US warnings unduly affects SA muslims

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) categorically states that as a religious authority based in South Africa, the safety and security of all people living in our country including tourists is of paramount importance. Likewise, the well-being, dignity and safety of Muslims should also be taken into consideration prior to the issuing of terror alerts. Random warnings by the United States could result in Muslims being subjected to profiling, prejudice and Islamophobia.
We place full confidence in the South African State Security mechanisms, upon which we rely to ensure our country is safe and our borders are protected.
South Africans are a peace loving people, we have refrained from supporting illegal unilateral wars and we respect each and every religious denomination, culture and race.
As a nation seeking and striving for peace, we pray that every human being living in South Africa is safe and can live a life of harmony and contentment without any fear of reprisals for anything the South African government has done.
Ramadhan is a month of spiritual growth and inner reflection. It is a time during which we devote ourselves towards being of benefit, mercy and generosity to all of mankind.