MJC Hosts Khatmul Quran Program in Honor of our Illustrious Leaders

- 20160619 1354301 - MJC Hosts Khatmul Quran Program in Honor of our Illustrious Leaders

19 June 2016
With the recitation of the Quran being the cornerstone of the sacred month of Ramadan, the Muslim Judicial Council (SA)(MJC) hosted a special Khatamul Quran program titled “A Day of the Quran”.  The program which was hosted at the Darul Islam Masjid on the 19 June 2016 will henceforth be an annual event during the month of Ramadhan.   The Khatam al-Qur’an is in honour of all deceased members of the ulama body, as well as those who contributed to the growth of Islam

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The melodious opening dua was by Sh Fuad Gabier, Senior Member of the MJC Department of Quranic Affairs Board and the thikr was led by Sh. Abdullah Awaldien, DQA, HOD, Sh Ismail Londt and Sh Faried Majiet. In order to put the historical perspective of members being honoured and individuals who served the community, the keynote address was by Imam Yaseen Harris. Imam Harris spoke on the History of the MJC (SA) and the development of the MJC (SA) with its structures been redeveloped on the advice of Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddique (RA) in 1952.

The names of the founder members of the MJC and their respective masajid were acknowledged and the names of the first individuals who held positions as chairman. All previous and subsequent Presidents of the MJC (SA) were given recognition for their role and contribution.

The names of the Muslim Progressive Society members who were the architects of the MJC’s formation were duly applauded for their foresight and wisdom towards the establishment of a judicial body that would unite the community.

The program is an endeavour to show appreciation, to be inspired by our forefathers, to show recognition and gratitude and to send all our deceased a’imma and masajid committees the barakah of our dua.  Our dua is that through our efforts for them, their qabr will be filled with nur and that Allah subhana ta ala will grant those Jannatul Firdous. Ameen.

We thank our President, Shaykh Irfaan Abrahams for initiating this beautiful program and for all the hard work towards making it a success. We also thank Mr. Mikaeel Collier and his team at Awqaf SA who were one of the key sponsors for the event as well as sister Aziza Chippendale and her capable team of workers at the Darul Islam Masjid. Our appreciation to all those who braved the cold and wet weather and attended, especially our Hufaath. Last but not least, the MJC’s Department of Quranic Affairs’ headed by Shaykh Abdullah Awaldien as well as his team of board members and staff who managed the program and were responsible for all logistics.