Shawwaal Moonsighting

- CoS 3 July 2016 1 - Shawwaal Moonsighting

A practice spanning over 6 decades. The Crescent Observers Society gathers at the chambers of the MJC in preparation for the sighting of the Shawwaal crescent. The new moon will be born on Monday 4 July whilst the Crescent Observers Society will go out to sight the moon from their various vantage points on Tuesday 5 July 2016, which coincides with the 29 Ramadaan 1437. The moon will be approximately 30 hours old at the time of sighting. Below is an indication of the moons visibility to the naked eye for Tuesday evening. Three Anchor Bay is transformed into a hive of activity with Muslims coming in their droves, no matter what the weather. Next month, when the crowds are gone the Crescent Observers, fondly known as the maankykers, will be there, in shaa Allah, to sight the moon as they have done for over 60 years. May Allah reward them abundantly for their perseverance in upholding this all important aspect of our Deen, Aameen.Moonsighting possibility  - Moonsighting possibility 300x155 - Shawwaal Moonsighting