23 JULY 2016

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) hereby congratulates the citizens of Turkey who bravely and uncompromisingly defended their Constitution and their democratically elected President, RajipTayyib Erdogan.  The democratic rights of the Turkish nation and the unity of its citizens can only be upheld through a democratic process and not via a military coup.

The citizens of Turkeyepitomised loyalty and patriotism in response to the alarm raised by the President Erdogan who called the masses to the streets todefend their Constitution and democratic institutions from being undemocratically destroyed.

Friday, 16 July 2016 witnessed the strength of civil society as the undemocratic forces behind the coup were defeated by citizens who chose stability and the rule of law. Demonstrations were held across Turkey to celebrate the success as special unity rallies were held at important squares in Turkey on Sunday, 24 July 2016, a week after the failed coup.

The brave stance of the Turkish people demonstrates the role of an effective and unified civil society and the importance of active citizenship. Never should a people fear to deal with undemocratic forces.  The blood of the martyrs in preserving democratic ideals is noble andof benefit to the nation.

We, as the Muslim Judicial Council pray for the stability of the democratic system of Republic of Turkey and for the unity of the nation against the conspiracies of its enemies and traitors.


We pray for the well-being, protection and safety of the State President and all government structures.



Shaykh Isgaak Taliep