mjc supports non-violent call for social justice - Untitled 6 - MJC SUPPORTS NON-VIOLENT CALL FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA), a religious authority representing the South African Muslim community, supports the call by University learners attending South African Universities for free education as a Constitutional Right based upon the spirit of the Freedom Charter. We congratulate the learners for being conscientious citizens who exercise the right for social justice with their call for Free Education and Equal opportunities for all.

The Government of South Africa has a fundamental responsibility to address the concerns of the students and provide the necessary solutions to them in their quest for quality education.
Whilst we support the students’ constitutional right to voice their demands in the ambit of the Constitution, resorting to violence to give expression to one’s views or to articulate one’s position in an unconstitutional manner of protest is not acceptable.
The MJC (SA) condemns those actions which violate the laws of the country and the constitution and calls upon all students to protest in a peaceful manner, and within the confines of the law. Violence is counterproductive to the objectives of Fees Must Fall Campaign, the progress of the Country and education of the Learners. Remember damage to the University properties and disruption to classes is an economic expense which the University needs to recover in monetary terms either through fees or fundraising alternatives.
The MJC (SA) implores the Learners and the leaders of this Campaign to engage the democratic institutions available to ensure that objectives are met. The University is not able to provide free education. It, therefore, requires Government subsidy.
The MJC (SA) hereby supports this campaign with the student leaders and other role-players in society in order to take this noble cause to its constitutional finality.

Maulana Abdul Khaliq Alli
1st Deputy President
Cell : 083 408 1071

14 OCTOBER 2016