mjc welcomes moroccan delegation - 20161012 122531 - MJC WELCOMES MOROCCAN DELEGATION

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) hosted a high level delegation from Morocco from the Muhammad VI Foundation for African Ulama and the Qarawiyyin University at our offices on 12 October 2016. The 5 man delegation was welcomed by the President, Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams, the Presidency and Imaarah members of the MJC.
The Muhammad VI Foundation for African Ulama, which was launched by HM King Muhammad VI in 2013, was represented by the Secretary General, Sayyidi Mohamed Rifqi, Treasurer, Sidi Nasser Bousba. The Qarawiyyin University was represented by the Vice President Dr Fassi FihriDriss who is a direct descendant of the founder Fatima Al Fihri and Shaykh Mortada El-Boumashouli who is the Imam of the Qarawiyyin Masjid.
Shaykh Habib Bewley, the Imam of the Jumuah Masjid who hosted the delegation at the Masjid’s Annual Moussum programme was also in attendance.
The Muhammad VI Foundation for African Ulama was established to showcase the efforts made by African scholars in literature, custom, teachings and the maintenance of Islamic values and tradition which was built over centuries through a legacy and relationship between Morocco and thirty African countries. One of their projects was dedicated towards empowering women across Morocco through a project of reciting, memorizing and understanding the Quran. This mammoth project produced 70 000 graduates who each wrote a word of the Quran and produced a unique copy written by women.

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After sharing information amongst each other about the mutual activities of Ulama in both countries, gifts were handed over to the President, Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams. Amongst the gifts was a very specially prepared copy of the Quran written by the female scholars of Quran. This Quran was handed over by the Secretary General, Sayyidi Muhammad Rifqi to Nabeweya Malick who accepted the Quran on behalf of the women in South Africa.