The MJC Congratulates South Africans on National Freedom Day

the mjc congratulates south africans on national freedom day - freedom day - The MJC Congratulates South Africans on National Freedom Day

26 April 2017

The MJC (SA) hereby congratulates the South African Nation on their National Freedom Day.

It is celebrated annually on the 27th Day of April. That was the date chosen for the first ever democratic elections in South Africa. So this Freedom Day is significant for all South Africans.


So this Freedom Day let us renew our pledge to protect our freedoms, our rights by fulfilling our responsibilities towards others in the spirit of Ubuntu.


Let us exercise our freedoms in a responsible manner determined by our Constitution. Let us in the spirit of Ubuntu remind each other to express exercise our rights through the proper structures.


We celebrate our freedom when we celebrate the victory of the representative organisations like SAFCEI and Earth Life Africa against the Government by seeking recourse through an independent Judiciary. This is freedom when the courts are independent.


We celebrate our freedoms by supporting the Palestinian Prisoners in exercising their rights of Hunger Strike to ensure that their rights as Prisoners of Conscience are restored.


We celebrate our freedom by condemning actions which violate the rights of others and breaches the Constitution of South Africa.


This year we celebrate Freedom Day as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the South African Constitution as a living document.


As MJC (SA) we exercise our freedom to support the struggle towards economic transformation through the democratic structures of Parliament.



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