The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) calls on Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi to stop all human rights abuses directed at the Rohingya Muslims.

The United Nations consider the Rohingya Muslims as the world’s most persecuted minority who for centuries lived in Arakan, now known as Rakhine. After Myanmar gained independence from Britain, the country’s government refused citizenship to the majority of Rohingya declaring them Bengali. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees were forced to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. These refugees reported cases of rape, torture, arson and murder by Myanmar security forces.

Currently, a major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Myanmar as its military, claiming it was attacked by terrorists, began arbitrary killings, helicopter air-strikes and the burning of thousands of Rohingya homes and businesses and the raping of Rohingya women and children. The crackdown has led to the killing of at least 400 people and seen nearly 125, 000 Muslim Rohingya flee to
adjacent Bangladesh. This is not the time for us to stand on the sidelines as we witness these gross and abhorrent human rights violations being perpetrated against the Muslim minority Rohingya.

What can we do to assist the cause of the Rohingya people?

  • We urge ALL Úlamāˋ to perform Qunūt during Jumuáh Ṣalāh this Friday (8 September 2017),
  • Persevere in making du’aa to Allah to ease the suffering of the Muslims throughout the world,
  • Raise awareness by talking to others about the plight of the Rohingya,
  • Join activists groups like ‘Protect the Rohingya’ on social media and get involved in their activities,
  • Register your protest by writing to the relevant embassies, international bodies and governmental structures,
  • Share a few pennies and assist by raising funds to support humanitarian projects to aid the oppressed.

Like Yemen and Palestine, this crisis requires the urgent personal intervention and leadership of global leaders. It is essential that not only are new restrictions lifted but also that all the restrictions previously in place are also lifted.

Failure to act could result in what Rohingya activists have described as a slow motion massacre by starvation and disease.

Issued by:
Shaykh Isgaak Taliep
Secretary General – MJC (SA)