MJC expresses its disgust at the deliberate & unjust smearing of JEQ Ḥāfiẓ Institute

The MJC denounces and strongly condemns a foul statement circulating on social media that seeks to insult and vilify the esteemed reputation of the Jam-eyyatul Qurrā Ḥāfiẓ School (JEQ) in Cape Town.

The founding fathers of this esteemed institution, Shaykh Yusuf Booley, Shaykh Moosa Goder, Imam Ali Gierdien and others (May Allāh have mercy on them all) dedicated their lives and work to the service of Allāh Almighty. Many world-renowned and highly respected Ḥuffāẓ and Qurrā have graduated from this institution since its inception in 1973.

The JEQ as an institute, its board, staff, learners, and parents are all adherents of the Ahl Al-Sunnah Wa Al-Jamāáh doctrine. We stand in defence of this Ḥāfiẓ School — as well as other reputable Ḥāfiẓ institutions — who produce leading memorizers of the Qurān from being mocked and vilified in all forms.

We are currently seeking legal discourse on the matter.