Imaamat Councils (Regional)

Ulama in the different areas are faced with different challenges which they regularly contend with. There are also certain matters common to all regions. By uniting the Ulema, the community is united to develop shared solutions to challenges that are faced.

Regional Imaamat Councils

The MJC has therefore divided the Western Cape into the following geographical regions/zones:

  • Imaamat Council of the Northern Suburbs (ICONS)
  • Imaamat Council of the Southern Suburbs (ICOSS)
  • Imaamat Council of Mitchell’s Plain (ICOMP)
  • Boland Islamic Council (BIC)
  • Imaamat Council of the African Townships (ICAT)
  • Imaamat Council of the Athlone Region (ICAR)


Each Regional Council falls under MJC jurisdiction and adheres to the MJC’s Constitution, policy and procedures.

Aims and Objectives

The cardinal foundation of the Regional Councils is to facilitate and intensify the delivery of essential services on a regional basis. The Councils must consider the different religious, educational, social, economic and political circumstances prevailing in their areas. They aim also to strengthen and foster the Islamic way of living by campaigning for moral regeneration and social cohesion.


Each Regional Imaamat Council consists of an Ameer, Administrator, Secretariat and other office bearers.