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The MJC (SA) India follow-up call

by Mujaahid White

After yesterdays press release, the Muslim Judicia Council (SA) calls upon all our members and Ulama that will be presenting the Jumuah Khutbah today, to please remember the plight of of our brothers and sisters in India inshaLlah. This banning of hijab is unconstitutional and a violation of religious freedoms and rights.

Albertinia: ’63 Garden Route Road-trip

by Mujaahid White

21 October Albertinia ’63 Garden Route Road-trip   The MJC President and delegation visited Albertinia and met with the Imam, Shaykh Sulaiman Ali Mahdi a graduate of University, al-Madina al Munawwarah.   This congregation is faced with major challenges and the MJC will exert itself by starting with a call of support and assistance. It…

BIC Da’wah Caravan- Overberg

by Mujaahid White

Saturday, October 17th The Boland Islamic Council (BIC) is a member of the Regional Imaamat Council (RIC) of MJC (SA). They conduct a “Da’wah Caravan” trip to the outlying areas of the Boland and this particular one coincided with the ’63 commemorative trip by the MJC (SA) Leadership Garden Route Delegation. Below is an initial…

The Benefits of Rabi’-al-Awwal: The Hope, in an era of despair

by MJC

- Copy of Muslim Judicial Council SA - The Benefits of Rabi’-al-Awwal: The Hope, in an era of despair

Our Creator, Allah (SWT), chose the month of Rabi’-al-Awwal to confer on mankind the blessing of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and to take His Beloved (SAW) back to Him. “Indeed, to God we belong and to God we shall return.” (2:156) In His Infinite wisdom, our Creator chose to bless Rabi’al-Awwal in this…

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: MJC (SA)

by MJC

- Muslim Judicial Council SA 10 - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: MJC (SA)

In a world with unprecedented levels of economic development, technological advancements and financial resources, it is woefully unacceptable that people are still living in extreme poverty. Very often poverty is categorised as merely an economic issue. Rather it is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that encompasses a lack of both income and the capabilities to live in…