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MJC: “Every intoxicant is Haraam”

mjc: "every intoxicant is haraam" - No Dagga - MJC: “Every intoxicant is Haraam”

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) respects the constitutional court’s decision in relation to its ruling on marijuana or ‘dagga’. This, however, does not change the Islamic position on the issue.


mjc welcomes new staff member to fatwa dept. - Moulana Sameegh Sieed - MJC WELCOMES NEW STAFF MEMBER TO FATWA DEPT.

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is proud to announce the appointment of Moulana Shameeg Sieed as the new Administrator to the MJC (SA) Fatwa Department. Moulana hails from Bo Kaap/Woodstock and attended St Pauls Primary School and Harold Cressy High School. He then attended Darul Uloom Strand where he completed the memorisation of the Quran…

Shawwaal Moonsighting

- CoS 3 July 2016 1 - Shawwaal Moonsighting

A practice spanning over 6 decades. The Crescent Observers Society gathers at the chambers of the MJC in preparation for the sighting of the Shawwaal crescent. The new moon will be born on Monday 4 July whilst the Crescent Observers Society will go out to sight the moon from their various vantage points on Tuesday 5…

Distribution Certificates (Estates)

Muslim Judicial Council (SA)  - MJC About Us Cover - Distribution Certificates (Estates)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته A distribution certificate identifies the Islamic heirs of the deceased and quantifies their shares of the estate in accordance with the Islamic laws of inheritance. The MJC Fatwa Department requires the following documentation to facilitate the drawing up of an Islamic Distribution Certificate Certified copy of deceased’s Death Certificate.…

Can A Muslim lady marry a non Muslim male?

- free islamic wallpaper hd - Can A Muslim lady marry a non Muslim male?

The marriage of a Muslim female to a non-Muslim male is absolutely, categorically and unconditionally prohibited in Islam. In a millennium and a half there has been a universal consensus on this issue, with not a single dissenting voice amongst all the jurists of Islam. The willingness of a non Muslim male  to learn Islam…

Fitrah and Fidyah 1437 AH/2016

- DSC 2000 1024x680 - Fitrah and Fidyah 1437 AH/2016

The Fatwa Committee of the Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is pleased to announce the following: FITRAH AND FIDYAH IN KIND Fitrah for this year will be 4kg of rice. Fidyah for this year will be 1kg of rice. FITRAH AND FIDYAH The cash equivalent for Fitrah will be R36 per person. The cash equivalent for…