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al-Ittisāl bi Allah: The Connection with Allah.

by Mujaahid White

- ittisal biLlah 1 - al-Ittisāl bi Allah: The Connection with Allah.

The MJC SA Department of Qurānic Affairs Jumuah Program Please tune in every Friday for our Friday Jumuáh Program with the recitation of Surah al-Kahf and Nasīhah by various Úlamā and Qurrā. The program will be Fridays,10am. Live on MJC SA YouTube and Facebook page. This week’s guest speaker is Moulana Abu Bakr Isaacs representing…

MJC (SA) Collaborative Community Outreach

by Mujaahid White

- community - MJC (SA) Collaborative Community Outreach

MJC SA, Awqaf SA and MealSA #SharetheCare Community Outreach programme in Khayelitsha and Gugulethu   Saturday, 14 August 2021 SHARE THE CARE PROJECT REACHES OUT TO GUGULETHU & KHAYELITSHA COMMUNITIES Awqaf SA, the Muslim Judicial Council, MealSA and the SANDF Chaplaincy distributes over 1, 000 Maize Meal and Samp hampers to commemorate Woman’s Day. AWQAF…

Performing Eid Salaah at home

by MJC

- flyerdesign 19072021 124109 - Performing Eid Salaah at home

For members of the community who will be performing Eid Salaah in their homes because of the current situation in our country, please click on the link below and download our Eid al Adha Guidelines which includes an Arabic and transliterated Khutbah for Eid. Dhu l-Hijjah Guidelines-1-1


by Mujaahid White

What is it about an oppressed nation that turns it into an oppressor (against everyone but its own oppressor) the moment it is freed and given the reigns of government? The manner in which the victims of Nazi oppression have turned into aggressors against a settled population is simply too obvious for this connection to…