MJC-Hayrat Foundation 2016 Qurbani Project

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The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) and the Hayrat Vakfi Foundation (Turkey) successfully completed the joint Eid Al-Aḍḥā  2016/1437 Qurbani Project where 30 cows were slaughtered and distributed to more than twelve areas across the Western Cape with the addition of Piketberg and Loeriesfontein.

This is the 2nd joint Qurbān program between the two organizations who are both members of the Union of NGO’s of the Islamic World (UNIW) based in Turkey.

The six-man delegation representing the Hayrat Vakfi Foundation was led by Mr. Yusuf Kara who aptly managed the slaughter process along with the MJC team led by Maulānā Abdul Khaliq Allie. The Qurbani project comes as a result of good working relations between the two organizations which startedin 2012 when the Hayrat Vakfi Foundation were hosted by the MJC. Various institutions of learning were visited in an attempt for them to understand the challenges faced by our local institutions.

30 Cows/ Bulls

30 Bulls were slaughtered during the 3 days of EidA[-Aḍḥā in Sandvlei and distributed to more than 15 areas in the Western Cape as well as to Piketberg and Loeriesfontein. Mr. Yusuf Kara said that the entire project was managed professionally and that the efficiency was something he was very impressed with. He expressed his gratitude to the MJC (SA) and the people of Cape Town for the hospitality, kindness, and support that they were given during the Qurbān processes and the distribution.

He said that the Muslim community of Cape Town holds within them a beautiful character that is felt at once during meetings.  He said that he intends to return to Cape Town for relief and education projects as he recognized a great need in Cape Town.  He expressed concern for the scholars of Deen who, whilst teaching and sharing knowledge and guidance, found themselves in a situation where they themselves battle to make ends meet.

Youth gets involved in Qurbān distribution

The MJC Super Heroes youth team assisted with the distribution of meat and delivered 100 parcels of meat to families in the Manenberg and Parkwood area. 2 pots of food that were prepared by the youth team, fed 300 people and was distributed from MasjidsSabr in Parkwood. The MJC is particularly proud of the involvement of the youth from Islamic High Schools, as projects of this nature provide them with life lessons and the leadership to contribute towards the social and economic welfare of the community. Brother Yusuf Kara was particularly pleased to have met with the principals of schools, the orphans and needy recipients of the meat parcels, and to witness the community involvement, especially the youth teams during the distribution process.


Funding & Support

The Qurbani project was funded by the Hayrat Vakfi Foundation which was established in 1974in Turkey to serve the needs of humanity. The Foundation which has its headquarters in Turkey sources funding via donations from the Turkish community. The MJC partnered with various community-based organizations and mosques to ensure that the meat reached the areas in the community that needed it most.The delegation visited various schools and Masājid to speak about their activities and the vision of their founder Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (RA). The institutions that were visited were Islamia, Darul Islam, Darul Arqam and IPSA.


The Delegation

The Turkish delegation consisted of:

  1. Yusuf Kara (Head of the Delegation)
  2. Mustafa Yankin (President of International Educators Association- Subsidiary organization of Hayrat Vakfi Foundation)
  3. Said Yankin(Representative of Hayrat Vakfi Foundation – one sub-district of Istanbul)
  4. Muhammed Sucuoglu Representative of Hayrat Vakfi Foundation – one sub-district of Istanbul)
  5. Fatih Kaplan (Media)
  6. Serdar Bayram (Volunteer of Hayrat Aid)


The delegation arrived in South Africa on Friday, 9 September 2016 and spent 10 days in Cape Town. The last member of the delegation, Mr. Yusuf Kara left Cape Town on the 19 September 2016.


Our best wishes for their safe journey back to Turkey. Ameen.




MJC Media Desk

19 September 2016

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