The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is saddened and deeply concerned that the conflict at Masjid Ghiedmatil Islam in Rondebosch East

has escalated from the MJC’s Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Department (DCMA) into the public sphere after a meeting over the weekend at the Masjid’s premises.

We would like to assure the community that the MJC has been and will continue to mediate with the aim to resolve all disputes.

Islam calls upon peace and harmony amongst all people and abhors any action and utterance leading to rumors and further disputes.

We therefore, reiterate that no public meetings should be held pending the outcome of the mediation process and call upon the Trust, ISC and all role players to be disciplined and adhere to our Islamic ethos.

We appeal to the community to please remain calm and not spread unsubstantiated rumors that can cause further conflict in the community, especially via social media.

We also appeal to broadcast media not to engage with any of the aggrieved parties and to allow us to deal with the situation and resolve it amicably.

Issued by

Shaykh Riad Fataar

Second-Deputy President

Muslim Judicial Council (SA)

For more information or any queries on the above media statement, please contact:

Mishka Daries

Head of Media and Communications

Office: 021 684 4600

Email: media@mjc.org.za