Vandalism of church calls for unity against moral decay

vandalism of church calls for unity against moral decay - Untitled 6 - Vandalism of church calls for unity against moral decay

The MJC (SA) is deeply saddened and strongly condemn the vandalism perpetrated against the St Marks
Anglican Church on Wednesday afternoon.We are deeply saddened that one of the oldest churches in District 6, that stands as a symbol of remembrance of the injustice of forced removals of an interfaith community by the Apartheid government, was damaged by what can be termed as ignorance of history, malicious spite and unruly behaviour.
“All places of worship whether they be mosques, churches, synagogues or temples, are places of sanctity. It further serves as places of hope and compassion and therefore should be respected and protected by all citizens,” says MJC (SA)’s 1st Deputy president, Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie.

“When the wanton destruction of sacred property becomes the norm of the day, it speaks about the rapid moral decay of our society.”

The MJC (SA) calls upon all government agencies, faith-based leaders, SAPS, CPF’s and neighbourhood watches to work together for the well-being of their respective communities.

“The situation demands from all of us to be speaking with one message, that no amount of violence or vandalism can ever be condoned. We cannot cover-up for any criminal activities of any individuals. Let’s stand united, pool collective efforts and take control of our communities so that it can lead to a moral re-generation that includes peace, justice and cooperativeness,” continued Moulana Allie.

The Muslim community prays that the perpetrators are brought to book and that they face the full might of the law.