MJC (SA) wishes matrics success for 2017 Senior Certificate Exams

Respected Matriculants

The MJC (SA) Presidency and all its structures would like to take this opportunity to wish all matriculants well for the most important examinations of their school career to date – the 2017 Senior Certificate examinations.

We remind you that only with hard work and the necessary effort ploughed into your studies will you achieve excellent results.

It is without a doubt, that many of you find yourselves in the most challenging of circumstances compounded by this period of added stress and anxiety. However, we are reminded that as Muslims, we always strive for excellence as taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him): “Indeed Allah loves if anyone of you does any action, he/she must do it with excellence.”

Seek Allah’s help and guidance through patient perseverance (sabr) and prayer (salah). Utilize this time to strengthen you bond/relationship with Allah. He is the One that makes and turns every difficulty into ease.

Remember, you are only required to try your best and that is good enough, in sha Allah. Put in the necessary effort – be diligent, proactive, focused, and have a visionary outlook – and leave the rest to Allah. May He grant all of you All the success and all the prosperity in your lives going forward, In sha Allah.

Issued by:

Shaykh Isgaak Taliep


Muslim Judicial Council (SA)

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Mishka Daries

Head of Media and Communications

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