Sea of pink floods Mitchell’s Plain to raise awareness on Breast Cancer

More than 200 ladies braved the wet weather to attend the inaugural MJC Women’s Forum Pink Hijab Day event at Masjidul Irshaad in Westridge Mitchell’s Plain on Wednesday.

The event was organised with the assistance of the Shakier Foundation and aimed to raise awareness on the importance of regular breast checks to detect any lumps that could potentially lead to breast cancer.

“We are extremely grateful to Almighty Allah for the wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. It is our first event of this kind, and although we had to make a last minute change in venue due to the weather, we’re extremely grateful it worked out well,” said the MJC Women’s Forum Ameerah, Mualima Khadija Patel-Allie. “We also would like to express our gratitude to the Shakier Foundation for their partnership in this event. Next year, we aim to do it bigger and better insha Allah.”

Attendees listened to Muneebah Samsodien and Dee Jacobs, both motivational speakers and cancer survivors, as well as caregiver Shaheeda Benjamin Tape who explained how important it is for those looking after cancer patients to make time for themselves.

“I did not have any cancer symptoms. The only thing I remembered was that my legs used to itch for an hour every evening,” said cancer survivor Muneebah Samsodien. “After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I went to the mirror. I stood there, looked straight into my eyes and told this cancer, ‘you have no place in my body, get out’. That’s when my fight began.”


Caption: Cancer Survivor and representative of Reach4Rocovery, Dee Jacobs found a breast lump whilst breastfeeding her daughter. Her daughter is now 16 years old and her cancer has been in remission ever since. 

The Islamic Medical Association’s Dr Faheema Lagadien gave a detailed explanation on how to do a Breast self-examination and what symptoms to look out for.

Deputy Ameerah of the MJC Women’s Forum Mualima Fatima Abrahams reminded ladies that nothing happens without Allah’s will and that Allah in His infinite mercy grants us an opportunity to get closer to Him through any form of dis-ease.

As the programme concluded, MJC President Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams and members of the Exec made a surprise appearance. Shaykh Abrahams thanked the Women’s Forum for organising such an important event and reminded everyone that men should also look after their health.

“Just as breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed in women, prostate cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed in men,” said Shaykh Abrahams. “Men must not be afraid to go for regular prostate exams no matter how embarrassing it may seem. If women can make the effort, then our breadwinners and imams of the household must do the same.”

MJC ulema served ladies with a delicious lunch after the programme ended.

Attendee Fahiema Daniels said, “shukran to the MJC women’s forum for a lovely morning. In sha Allah hope you have an event soon again really enjoyed myself”.

Fatima Rabin said, “Wow! Shukran for a wonderful program. It was a very informative gathering. Shukran.”