MJC condemns alleged rape incident at Mitchell’s Plain Mosque

The MJC (SA) is deeply distressed to hear of the alleged rape that took place at a Masjied in Tafelsig, Mitchell’s Plain last week. The South African Police Services (SAPS) is currently investigating the incident.

The alleged rape incident must be condemned in the strongest terms possible. Any violation of a woman’s dignity and honour must be regarded as a violation of society. This incident is also a violation of the sanctity of a place of worship and refuge. Women, at all cost, must be protected, respected and honoured in all places in society. If any harm should befall them, people MUST speak out in condemnation.

The alleged incident shamefully speaks about the moral decay of our community. It is imperative that everyone takes responsibility for those under their care. We also request religious leaders and those in authority — whether it be a mosque, synagogue, church, temple or any other place of worship – implement stricter security measures for the protection of all their worshippers.

If anyone has information that will assist the case, please contact the presiding detective at SAPS Mitchell’s Plain on 021 370 1600 / 1706.