Women rally to send off aid container for Syrian refugees

Cape Town women aim to assist Syrian refugees on the Turkish/Syrian border by supplying them with much-needed food and household items.

The Muslim Judicial Council’s Women’s Forum and the Al Quds Foundation (SA) intend to fill a shipping container with urgently needed donations of food and sanitary supplies to depart for Turkey on Sunday, 25th February 2018.

The war in Syria is in its 7th year and has culminated in the worst humanitarian disaster in over half-a-century. More than 5 million Syrians have become refugees, according to the United Nations (UN). Some argue that the scale of the crisis even surpasses World War II.

“I was there in 2017 and saw first-hand the refugee camps filled with women and children who don’t know if their husbands or fathers are alive and now have to fend for themselves. It’s heartbreaking,” said MJC Women’s Forum & Al Quds Foundation Member, Khursheed Allie.

How you can help

  • Become part of the co-ordinating committee raising funds/items among family and friends.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer to the MJC’s Bank Account (Please contact us for details)
  • Drop off any donations at our various drop off points:
Fatima Achmat 63 Fourie Road, Bellville South 082 741 9599
Adeeba Sha 17 Mandel Road, Newfields 082 255 7062
Darul Islam Haafieth School 01 Wilhelmus Rd, Surrey Estate 082 460 5689
Fawzia Emandien 06 Bombay Street, Lansdowne 071 412 9976
Gabeba Khan 28 Cashel Ave, Crawford, Athlone 083 709 6344
Shareefa Voght 4 Thomas Close, Grassy Park 072 262 5330
Faeza Bassier 74 Beaufort Street, Goodwood 082 854 6266
Gafeesas Fisheries Clock tower, Lentegeur / Merrydale Rd, Portlands / Park Rd, Rocklands 082 532 2103
Mohamedeyah Primary School 103 Batts Road, Wynberg    021 797 8047

*Please contact the respective contacts before dropping any goods.

  • Share the initiative with your network.

Items required for the container

Tuna & Jam

Baby Food Sachets

Baby Powder Milk

Baby and Adult Nappies

Sanitary Packs – sanitary pads, panty liners, razors, soap, toothpaste, Shampoo, underarm spray or roll on,



Tent covers

NO clothing items will be accepted

What are the cash donations used for?

The money raised for this campaign will be used to pay for shipping costs including overland freight, customs and other admin expenses.

What will happen to the container after it leaves Cape Town?

The ship will leave after 25th February 2018 from the shores of Cape Town and will take approximately one month to reach Turkey. Members of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Organisation in Turkey will journey by vehicle to the various villages and refugee camps to distribute the aid to those who need it the most – namely Kilis, Urfa, Reyhali.

“Can you imagine as a mother, burrowing into the snow with your bare hands to seek shelter for your children from the rain, snow and cold? Or even looking after your elderly parents and children but all you have is the clothes on your back? This is the everyday reality of these refugees. It is our duty to support those who do not have and hence we ask everyone to donate as much as possible so that we can serve humanity,” Allie concluded.

For more information on the convoy, contact Khursheed Allie on 079 739 4654 or Gafsa Wilson 082 532 2103