Foodlovers Market asked to apologize for incorrect advertising

The Muslim consumer feels justifiably misled by Foodlover’s Market’s weekly brochure, stating that the Access Park store in Cape Town is “strictly halaal”.

The Access Park store is/was never fully halaal certified. There are sections, like the Butchery, bakery and Hot Foods, which are overseen by halaal certifying bodies.

Whilst the MJCHT only certified the butchery section, it decided to suspend its certificate as a precautionary measure to eliminate any chances of possible cross-contamination.

In its initial findings, the MJC Halaal Trust (MJCHT) found no possible cross-contamination at the Halaal certified butchery section of Foodlover’s Market, Access Park.

It is our reasonable expectation that Foodlover’s Market apologizes to the Muslim community for the misleading advertisement.

Issued by

Shaykh Achmat Sedick


MJC Halaal Trust