Faith leaders call for silent march against lawlessness in South Africa

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) fully supports the call by Faith Leaders for a silent march against lawlessness in South Africa. Other organisations joining this cause include the Western Cape Christian Ministers Association, Cape Town Interfaith Initiative and the Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum.

Concerned leaders from various faiths held a meeting at the MJC offices last week after concerns about the extent of violence, lawlessness, destruction and loss of life being experienced in our communities on a daily basis.

The gross injustices perpetrated against women, children and the elderly, the level of poverty and unemployment in our midst are further concerns that leave our nation insecure and vulnerable and our beautiful country teetering on instability.

Faith Leaders, together with their respective faith congregation, are asked to join us for a Silent Peace and Prayer Walk on Wednesday 29 August from 10 am. The silent walk will start at the historic St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town to the Castle of Good Hope where we will hold prayers for peace in the many areas of our country where it is so sorely needed.

The purpose of the Silent Walk is to demonstrate to the public the united message from Leaders of every Faith tradition, and our Silence will be a loud statement of solidarity for the entire City to witness. Please join us to issue a clarion call to ourselves and all fellow citizens to uphold the law of our country and to promote respect, dignity and love for all humanity and all life. Join us in forging a shared vision of peace in our City and our beautiful Land.

Meanwhile, Faith leaders (or their representatives) are requested to attend an important meeting in preparation for the silent walk on Monday, 27 August 2018 at 11 am to 12 pm. The venue is the conference room of the Castle of Good Hope. Media are also asked to attend. Please RSVP  

This is the first of a number of coordinated actions led by Faith Leaders to bring about a renewed spirit of patriotism, compassion and love amongst all people in our shared vision of peace for our City and our country.