MJC and City of Cape Town reach agreement over Masjid Athaan

by MJC

- loudspeakers - MJC and City of Cape Town reach agreement over Masjid Athaan

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) held a meeting with representatives of the City of Cape Town’s Social Services Directorate Environmental Health Department on Tuesday after Masjidus-Saliheen, Bayview in Strandfontein was issued with a ‘noise disturbance’ notice.

The meeting agreed that the City Health Department will assist the Masjied in concluding a Noise Management Plan within the next 10 working days, subject to weather conditions.

“The City Health Department explained that the letter sent to the Masjied last week was to notify the Imam that they wanted written submission of the noise management plan which they already assumed the masjied implemented,” said MJC 2nd Deputy President, Shaykh Riad Fataar. “The CoCT further requested that the masjid appoint an acoustic engineer to ensure the sound volume remains at the required level.”

Several months ago, a neighbour of the Masjied laid a ‘noise disturbance’ complaint. The Imam of the Masjied, Moulana Yusuf Mohammed subsequently turned down the loudspeakers to try and mitigate the sound. The neighbour later escalated the complaint to ‘Noise Nuisance’ which required an affidavit stating that the Athaan is a disturbance for her.

“In the Western Cape, we ensure that we have the sound of the Athaan lower than the required level as stated in the by-laws,” said Shaykh Fataar.

“We live in a society that respects each other’s religions and cultures and this is evident when the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the local church supported the call of the Athaan. We thank them for all their efforts,” Shaykh Fataar concluded.


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