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The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) note with deep concern the ongoing challenges Bo-Kaap and the Bo-Kaap community are faced with.

Therefore, the MJC (SA) calls upon the legal fraternity (lawyers, senior and junior advocates and conveyors) within our community to give their much-needed support and expertise regarding the preservation of the heritage of the Bo-Kaap.

The MJC (SA) invites you (the legal fraternity) to an important joint meeting on:

Date:               Monday, 4 March 2019

Time:               6h00 pm

Venue:             MJC Boardroom

Address:          20 Cashel Ave. Athlone (Off Thornton Rd)

We know that the Bo-Kaap is the cradle of Islām and without a doubt, a critical reference of the significant role our pioneers and forefathers played in dismantling imperialism, colonialism, and ultimately the downfall and dismantling of Apartheid.

It was the Auwwal Masjid in the Bo-Kaap which hosted President-Elect, Nelson Mandela in 1994 when he decided to meet the Muslim leadership in recognition of the historically important role played by the RSA Muslim community in dismantling Apartheid. Preserving our heritage and the rich cultural diversity of the Bo-Kaap is a collective responsibility as well as an individual duty. Let us all unite in preserving our rich heritage.

Please confirm your attendance by calling the Secretary-General of the MJC (SA) on 0834081072.

Issued by Shaykh Isgaak Taliep



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