Increase in Murder cases, deeply concerning: MJC (SA)

by MJC

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The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) has noted with deep concern the overall 3.4% increase in murder cases in South Africa. Of further concern is that six out of the top ten areas with the most reported murders are in Cape Town.

This highlights the rapid and continuous degradation of moral values in our society for which a number of factors are
responsible. Foremost of them is the nuanced dichotomy between the technological advancements of the current age, counterbalanced with what is perceived to be a moral and ethical decline in our communities.

This is perhaps best evidenced by the deplorable levels of violence which we witness in our communities on a daily basis.

As an organization, which draws its mandate and membership from the community, we are cognizant of the fact that the effects of this degradation, which takes the form of Gender-Based Violence, Rape, Murder and other Violent Crimes, is deeply intertwined with an array of social and economic factors. One of the core objectives of the Muslim Judicial Council (SA), is to strengthen and foster the Islamic way of living by advancing moral regeneration and social cohesion across all our programmes and projects, in communities across the Western Cape specifically and South Africa generally.

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA), in line with one of our core objectives of moral regeneration, therefore re-iterates our call for an inter-sectional and inter-disciplinary strategy by Government to tackle this scourge of violence, particularly within the Western Cape. This strategy needs to address both Gender-Based Violence and Gang Violence on the Cape Flats.

As an organization we are committed, through our programmes to playing a meaningful and substantive role in fostering safer communities.


Issued by Muslim Judicial Council
Shaykh Isgaak Taliep, Secretary-General


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