Victory for Major Fatima Isaacs

by webXtreme

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) applaud Major Fatima Isaacs in her successful bid to secure her religious rights and the SANDF judgement in favour of the right to religious freedom in a way that harmonizes the ethos of the SANDF to the letter and the spirit of our Constitution which enshrines basic human rights.

The MJC as the Religious Advisory Board will continue to pursue the issue of Muslim women wearing the scarf as well as engaging the SANDF and all other government institutions.

The MJC wishes to acknowledge the wise counsel of the relevant authorities in the SANDF to resolve the Major Fatima Isaacs case in particular by collaborating to confirm the onderdoekie as part of SANDF Policy as a first step.

The MJC places on record thanks to the Chaplain General for his support and cooperative stance in representing the SANDF. We also express our appreciation to all those who ably assisted and supported Major Fatima Isaacs during this process.

The MJC is looking forward to continuous cooperation with the SANDF in advancing pride of place for all citizens to serve in the SANDF.

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