MJC and Faith Leaders meets with City Officials

by webXtreme

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA), celebrating its 75th Anniversary yesterday, hosted the City of Cape Town Disaster Risk Management as well as the Interfaith community to discuss issues relating to safety and security as well as Disaster Risk Management.

one of the critical areas of concentration for the MJC as an organization is peaceful coexistence, social cohesion and respect for places of worship. Of the issues that prompted the gathering were local as well as international incidents where places of worship fell victim to terror attacks.

The meeting was a culmination of discussions between the MJC and the CoCT for the past 10 months to address the question of how well prepared places of worship are to respond to disaster and terror activities at their places of worship. The CoCT will continue discussions with the interfaith community and will present workshops and training on how to adequately respond to emergency situations.

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