Justice for Tazne

by webXtreme

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) expresses its sincere condolences to the family of Tazne Van Wyk. Another light in our community has been extinguished and another child tragically murdered.

The MJC calls upon the lawmakers of South Africa to hear the cry of the people, feel their pain and to know that the lack of legislation and political will, coupled with corruption in law enforcement are counterproductive to the development of a healthy society.

The MJC echoes the call of President Ramphosa for societal change and renewal, a “South Africa we all want to live in” requires of communities to work together and to become active citizens in a democracy that must be shaped by the people.

The MJC commends the police for apprehending and arresting the perpetrator and for making him reveal the location of Tazne’s body. We call for the full might of the law to be applied in this case.

We pray that the Almighty ease the pain and heartache of the family of young Tazne.

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