Mosque loudspeaker announcements well received by City

by webXtreme

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA)’s proposal to utilize the Masjid loudspeaker system to communicate important information to the community was well received by the City of Cape Town. The Mufti of the MJC has pledged his full support for this initiative. The information shared with the community will be scripted by the City of Cape Town and will be read by the person designated by the Imam or Masjid Committee to address the public.

The facility will afford Imams and important role players in the community, an opportunity to address the public and encourage working together for the greater good of the nation. Non-Muslim community activists should also be allowed to convey these messages.

We therefore request of our Imams and Masajid committees to respond positively to this call and to use the hours remaining before the Nationwide Lockdown to communicate important information to the community.

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