MJC Position on Extended Lockdown

by webXtreme

Ramadan in lockdown, ironically, provides Believers the opportunity to experience the Infinite Grace and Mercy of Allah in diverse circumstances. Different, yet, no less spiritually fulfilling.  In fact, it typifies  the scenario that caused the Beloved of Allah to exclaim, “Amazing is the affair of a believer! He is in goodness when he adopts gratitude in times of prosperity, and he is also in goodness when he practices patience during times of adversity!”.  The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) herewith commends the Muslim community for their patient compliance to the lockdown regulations during the holy month of Ramadan. Allah reward you abundantly!

A further call of appreciation goes out to every Muadhin who consistently ensured that the call to prayer sustains our affiliation to the Masajid during this time. Following the Prophetic guidance, “Sallū fī buyūtikum” (Pray in your homes”, they provided succour and relief for the spiritual conflict for those who are deprived of their habitual five daily prayers in masjid congregation. Notwithstanding, the person who regularly prayed congregation in the Masjid, will surely not be deprived, Insha-Allah, of his full reward, now that, through this calamity from Allah, he is unable to attend.

When lockdown restrictions moved from level 5 to level 4, there was no change to the status quo of Masjid congregational prayers. To this end, the MJC confirms that the principle of the Preservation of Life, which ranks as one of the absolute daruriyāt (essentials) in Islam, continues to guide our position herein. Also, our ongoing consultations with our Medical Advisory Panel are critical. Whilst there have been indications of a further lowering to lockdown level 3, the MJC is mindful that the epicentre of the pandemic in SA has moved to the Western Cape with almost 50% of Covid-19 cases in the country.

At the same time, the MJC observes, with extreme concern, how the economic ravages of the hard lockdown have caused anxiety and anguish in the lives of the poor and disenfranchised across the country. We therefore urge the community to continue to stand together and support those most in need, for the sake of Allah, and make this your best Ramadan ever!

May the Almighty Allah Bless all our efforts, Āmīn.


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