MJC Clarifies its Position on CoCT proposed amendments to By-Laws

by Zaid Dante

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The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) would like to clarify its statement relating to the proposed By-law amendment of the CoCT, Section 22, titled: Enforcement & City May Act and Recover Costs, by stating the following:

The MJC (SA)’s engagement with the City of Cape Town was to clarify a concern that was raised by our community and the Masajid in particular, a concern shared by the MJC (SA).

‘Will the amendments to the current by-law, (Section 22), as announced by the CoCT, affect the Athaan, or call to prayer, rendered from our Masajid five times a day?

Based upon this concern, the MJC (SA) responded to a request by the City to clarify the above. Once clarity was sought by the MJC (SA), this, after a frank and robust discussion with the CoCT representatives, we agreed to a joint statement bringing clarity to this point.

Our statement was therefore specific to the issues raised by our constituents and in no way served to advocate or support the proposed amendments to the by-law. Our insertion in the joint statement for the community to carefully read the proposed amendments and to forward their concerns to the city within the stipulated period, was both deliberate, and a clear indication of the MJC (SA) promoting engagement as opposed to supporting the proposed amendments.

The MJC (SA) once again encourages the community to submit its comments on the proposed amendments to the by-law and to do so within the stipulated time as advertised by the City.


Office of the Secretary General

Muslim Judicial Council (SA)


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