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  1. The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) after due consultation with medical professionals, its General Majlis and others would like to state the following;

The Western Cape remains the epicentre of the epidemic in South Africa and to date has the largest percentage of infections and deaths due to Covid-19. Medical professionals who are working in the frontline and who are analysing the progression of the infection in Western Cape, predict that the peak will be reached end June after which they predict the level of infection to be maintained for a sustained period before sloping downward. We also understand the movement from level four lockdown to level three is as result of the socio-economic conditions in the province which potentially poses a greater risk to the population than the covid-19 virus. Therefore, despite the move to level three, the risk of infection in the province remains a major concern.

Taking the above into consideration, the MJC after consultation with its General Majlis and the Fatwa Department, have come to the following conclusions.

  • We recommend that Masajid delay opening their doors for congregational prayers for at least another month.
  • Masajid that wish to open their doors on 1 June, as per the announcement of the State President, must do so with the full knowledge that they are able to comply with the safety regulations that will be made available by Government. Strict adherence to these regulations is a must for the safety and welfare of congregants. We also recommend a staggered approach and to not start with 50 persons but to rather slowly phase in the amount of persons starting from a small number and gradually increasing in number.
  • Masajid that are not ready to undertake this responsibility, and that do not possess adequate resources to ensure the safety of congregants should remain closed until they are able to guarantee adherence to the regulations.
  • Masajid that are situated in areas identified by the province as ‘hotspots’ are recommended to remain closed for congregational prayer until the situation in those areas improve.

These recommendations are of paramount importance as they are based on the principle of the preservation of life. We respect the positions taken by Masajid that have decided to remain closed for an additional period. We also respect the Masajid that have decided to open its doors. We do however advise that it is done taking all the health risks and guidelines into consideration.


Office of the Secretary General

Muslim Judicial Council (SA)



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