MJC (SA) GBV Task Team, Tuesday 13 Oct

by MJC

Tuesday MJC (SA) GBV Task Team met to discuss and strategize its Campaign Planning, GBV Policy and GBV Complaints Processes.

Present were:

1st Deputy President: Ml Abdul Khaaliq Ebrahim Allie
PA to the 1st Deputy: Ml Sabrie Davids
HOD for the SDD: Sh Fadihl Emandien
External Strategist to the MJC: Ml Khalil Hendricks
MJC Youth Desk: Ml Yusuf Patel
HOD for the MJCWF: Muallimah Khadija Patel Allie
MJCWF Administrator: Shaykhah Ghanaan Philander
SDD Councilor: Sister Shamila Francis

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