MJC (SA) Meets Palestinian Ambassador

by MJC

November 12,2020
MJC (SA) Offices, Cape Town
The Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa was host to a delegation that included the Palestinian Ambassador to South Africa H.E Hanan Jarrar who was hosted by the Athlone Parliamentary Constituency Office of Faiez Jacobs MP and the Cape Town Central and Atlantic Seaboard Constituency Office of Muhammad Khalid Sayed MPL.
“I feel at home here in South Africa” a sentiment expressed by the ambassador. She complimented the South African government for its support of the Palestinian people, however she called upon our government for a restructure and ease in the visa requirements for Palestinians, highlighting that the Apartheid Israel enjoys relaxed visa regulations that are waived for them contrary to the high costs having to be paid by Palestinians.
She called for the boycott of products produced by illegal settlements in Apartheid Israel. Consumer awareness as to the origins of these products are imperative.
The Ambassador proceeded to praise the continuous support received from the South African government in support of the Palestinian people. “The fight for Human Rights and dignity can never be labelled as terrorism, reminding the audience that the former Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat (RA), supported the ANC when they were labelled a terrorist group under Apartheid South Africa.” These international pressures and international solidarity with the opposition groups to Apartheid South Africa, resulted in the fall of this unjust government and freedom for the South African people. The Ambassador repeated her sentiment: “Here in South Africa, I’m home. And I know that no one in the world understands Palestine, and the effects of Apartheid, better than you! The South African people.”

Image: Ambassador Hanan Jazzar, Judge Seraj Desai, National Commissioner of DCS Mr. Arthur Fraser


1948, al-Nakhba
The Ambassador reminded all that the Resolution 181 (II), signed by the UN National Assembly resulted in the Palestinian people losing everything except for two-character descriptions. The Palestinian people’s resilience and their principles. Her address took a sombre turn in focussing on the recent “SELL-OUTS” in relation to the normalisation adoptions by certain countries with Apartheid Israel. This push for normalisation must be countered with equal vigour come the 29th November when all of South Africa, Palestine and the International Community International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
Malawi and the intention for their government to embark on a diplomatic mission to Jerusalem was concerning for the Ambassador. She explained her urgency for meeting with the Malawian President recently and acknowledged the immense pressure placed upon African countries by both the US and Israel. While the Ambassador was elated with the recent US-election results, she informed the audience that under the Trump Administration the Palestinian people suffered greatly.
Gratuitous expressions on behalf of the State of Palestine · President, Mahmoud Abbas
and herself as ambassador, for the hospitality shown by South Africa and the MJC (SA) was conveyed with this closing remarks: “With friends like you (MJC) we will make it”

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