MJC (SA)’s meeting with RIC’s.

by MJC


August 26,2021

The MJC (SA) leadership today hosted a meeting with the leadership of RIC’s under the chairmanship of Moulana Hashiem Cassiem.

Important and vital matters were on the agenda. Of these the following were points of discussion:

1. Plight of the Ulama with strategic view on assistance.
2. Leadership training and workshops in:
▪︎Sign language
▪︎Up- skilling
3. Heritage programs.
4. Report back on activities.


Moulana Hashiem Cassiem (center), MJC EXCO MEMBER with Shaykh Amien Jardien: ICOMP (left) and Shaykh Ismaeel Kqamane: ICAT (right)


President of the MJC (SA), Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams with First Deputy President of the MJC (SA), Moulana Abdul Khaliq Ebrahim Allie at RIC meeting


Members of the RIC

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