MJCWF Nurul Islam Qirā’āt Program

by MJC

Another Qiraa’ah program hosted by the MJCWF Alhamdulilah.

We wish to thank our amazing reciters for their renditions this pass Sunday, April 7th. Jazakillah… May Allah increase you and keep connected to this beautiful holy book, always Amin.




A sister accepted Islam in our gathering and so honored we are, to have witnessed such an auspicious moment. May Allah guide and protect our sister and make her journey filled with the sweetness of Imaan, Amin.

Our reciters for the program were: Haafithah Mahmoodah Taliep, Haafithah Maryam Londt, Haafithah Amina Hendricks, Haafithah  Aishah Majiet  and Haafithah Maryam Gallie.


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Mualimah Fatima and Mualimah Khadija


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