Off to Dubai

by Mujaahid White

19 year old, Haafith Ighsaan Basardien was selected by the Muslim Judicial Council (SA)‘s Department of Quranic Affairs to represent South Africa in the 25th International Holy Quran Awards Competition held in Dubai.
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Left to Right: Sh Zaid Dantie (Secretary General), Haaj Abdullah Basardien (Father of Haafith Igsaan), Sh Riad Fataar (Second Deputy), Haafith Ighsaan Basardien, Sh Ismail Londt (HOD of the DQA), Ml Abdul Khaliq Ebrahim Allie (First Deputy), Sh Muhammad Ameen Abdooroft (DQA Administrator).

Haafith Ighsaan completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’ān under the guidance of Sh. Yasir Fredericks and Sh. Allie Davids at the Al-Ameen Haafith Institute. He furthered his Quranic studies at al-Tanzil Institute of Quranic Sciences where he received various Ijāzāt from Sh. R. Obaray, Sh. A. Petersen, Ml. I. Darries and Haafith K. Isaacs.
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He previously represented South Africa at International Hifth Competitions in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tanzania.
Haafith Ighsaan is currently in Dubai for the competition. We pray for him for the very best, for great success in this current endeavour, for an enriching experience, for continued well-being and a safe return. Āmīn
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Sh Ismail Londt the HOD of the DQA (left), Haafith Ighsaan Basardien (center) and Sh Muhammad Ameen Abdooroft the Administrator for the DQA (right)

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