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Not a book of science

There are facts in the Holy Quran that modern science has only recently discovered
and, as a consequence, thus clearly understood. We are referring to facts that no
man, living 15 centuries ago in the deserts of Arabia, could have known. These
facts may prove the authenticity of the Holy Qur’ān, but the Qur’ān is not a book
of science.

Science is based on man’s understanding of certain realities in this worldly
existence and man’s understanding may change. The facts mentioned in the Holy
Qur’ān are recorded and presented with a confidence unknown to man. This is
because they are from the One who knows everything, as it really is, because He
created everything. These facts are mentioned in the Holy Qur’ān as a ‘matter of
fact’ and they are facts that truly matter.
Their purpose is simply to open our hearts to accept all the other content of the
Holy Qur’ān that may currently be impossible to prove or fully comprehend, like
pertaining to the Hereafter. These facts are part of this same miraculous Book, but
this Book is not dependent upon them. It is a Book of guidance and as such, all that
is mentioned in it, including that which science now sees as true, is simply there to
attract us to its guidance. May we see it for what it truly is and we all be divinely
guided. Āmīn.
P.S. which of the facts referred to in this note are you familiar with?

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